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Tricks How To Smoke Cannabis

  • Trick Number One

Before smoking you need to exhale, till the point when you dont have no air left in your lungs. Then inhale the smoke but remember that swollowing the smoke to failure is not recomended, because when you are too full with the smoke you might start coughing anf them you will loose all the cannabis smoke. One more thing that helps after you inhale the smoke, inhale a little air on top of that, then hold the breath for a few seconds and sit down a few times. By some reason it gets you level higher then after the regular cannabis smoke.

  • Trick Number Two

Breathing exercises on Inhale. First increase smoking effect almost 2 times and secondly reduce heart rate, sweating, freak outs and other unpleasent situations. The trick is for the people who smoke low quality cannabis that doersnt really catch. After the joint inhale take 10 deep inhales and exhales, but do it slow, then take one deep inhale and exhale it slowly. You have to be carefull with this trick, it can get you to hard.

  • Trick Number Three

Smoke joint from the both sides, we have to say its very rare but bery effective way. You will need a joint with smoking mix and a regular pen. Before smoking take the pen on parts and keep the body of the pen. This way of smoking cannabis is good especially when three people smoke. One person just smokes joint in a regular way, the second one catches the smoke that goes into the atmosphere with the "body pen" and the third one just watches it. Then smokers switch.

  • Trick Number Four

If you have an empty plastic bottle or a glass. You can exhale the cannabis smoke into empty glass or bottle, cover it with your hand and let the smoke to cool down and then drink it. You can also put som ewater into the glass, do the same process then mix water with the smoke and drink it.

If you want to look fancy you can use a ceremic teapot. Exhale cannabis smoke into the teapot and then drink it out of the spout.


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