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Wake & Bake With Wood Fire Roasted Coffee

How do You Start Your Day?

Coffee And Cannabis!

Country Coffee Club

Everyone loves a good cup of fresh brewed coffee! About 83 percent of the people in the United States drink coffee every day. Most of them just love the taste of the black brew. Some use it for other reasons, such as "helps to wake me up", "keeps me awake", "social thing", etc. Studies have show that the biggest group of coffee drinkers are those who use cannabis.

The new fad in the stoner world is the Hippie-Speedball Syndrome. This is when you wake & bake with an espresso and a joint, depending on personal preferences you can change the espresso for a drip, latte, cappuccino or americano. The joint can be substituted for a bowl, bong or vap-pen.

I guess, all we are trying to say is stoners love their coffee. 

When we say stoners, we are not talking about the old "stoner" stereotype. In the modern world, more and more people of all different lifestyles and social positions have become stoners. A lot of them use it as a medicine, while others just enjoy smoking pot to relax. Yet others need it to be able to work long hours at the office or on the computer.  Two things unite all of these people: coffee + cannabis.

Coffee preparation is a ritual and every stoner loves to participate in one. The special methodical routine of grinding and brewing coffee beans lets you feel the relaxation of the ritualistic ceremony.

There are hundreds of coffees on a market. Recently, the Smoke Pipe Shop team performed an experiment, where we searched for the best of the best coffee beans. In every single pack of coffee that we have tried we were looking for:

Taste   Smell    Price    Uniqueness

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee

Bull Horn Wood Fire Roasted CoffeeThere were quite a few companies that were in a position to become the winner, but one was just a little better than the other ones. Our preference is going to the sngle-source, wood fire roasted coffee that comes from a family-operated farm in Nicaragua! Who would think that some unknown coffee company would win our hearts.

We came across this "Bull Horn Coffee" on Facebook, while surfing our social media page. It was right before Thanksgiving and their was a sale going on ($9.99 per pound of gourmet coffee), so we decided to give it a chance. The website was professional, bright and simple in use. We purchased a bag of coffee and the coffee was at our office in 3 days! Great job, whoever is responsible for shipping. The whole bean coffee smelled delicious! After grinding some beans we were ready for our coffee ceremony. The office slowly filled-up with the delicious smell of fresh brewed coffee. We have to say the coffee is even better than we expected. It had a great taste with slight dark chocolate notes and a very smooth finish. For a gourmet coffee it was very affordable compared to Intelligentsia coffee which has a higher price for less coffee.

If you love to wake & bake, we highly recommend trying this wood-fire roasted coffee, and watch for their regular sales. Check them out on Facebook or visit the Bull Horn website. 

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