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Wallmart Shopper Got Bitten By The Snake While Shopping For the Weed Soil

Mica Craig, medical marijuana smoker, decided to go to their local Idaho Walmart to get some soil for his marijuana plants. One thing he wasn't expecting is be bitten by the snake!

Craig was shopping in the garden section when he got the shock of his life after the rattlesnake bite him. He thought he was brushing away a stick that had fallen across his legs, but that wasn't the case...Craig shook the snake lose and stomped it to death before falling to the ground in pain.

Another shopper who was shopping for the same purpose next to Craig when the accident had happen took him to the hospital.

The victims hand swelled up to the huge size before he was treated with six bags of antivenom. Craig is in danger of permanent damage to his hand and loose of sensation in a few fingers.

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