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Watch Collection Of A Drug Lord Was Sold For $600 Thousand Dollors

Dominican Repubic 5th December.

Watch Collection of the Drug Lord Jose Figueroa Agosto which includes 27 different watches was sold on an auction that took a place on 5th December in Dominican Rebuplic. The collection was sold by Dominican Officials of the National Agency Of Drug Tracking, and All the watches were sold for $600 thousand dollors which is twice less then the original market price.

The authorities of the Dominican Republic plan on selling Drug Lord's 20 properties, 10 cars collection thats also includes Chevy Camaro that rides out of the jet fuel.

Some of the money from the auctions will be transfer to the rehabilitation centers and the rest to the Dominican Republic Government account.

Jose Figuero Agosto controlled delivery of Colombian Cocaine to USA thru Domenican Republic and Puerto Rico. He was sentenced to 209 years in Puerto Rico prison for the murder but escaped in 1999, and just in July 2011 Jose was cought again as a result of the operation performed in Puerto Rico by FBI agents and US Marshals Service Employees.

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