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We Are Against "The Weed Pass", Sept 12, 2012, Netherland

Tomorrow, September 12, 2012, the Dutch people will decide the future of the Coffee Shops all over the Country.

As we reported earlier this year, coffee shops in  Southern counties of Netherlands became private membership clubs for the citizens of the country who like to smoke the sweet hemp. Unfortunately most of the businesses had to close their doors since tourists couldn't come in any more and most of the Dutch people weren't in a  rush to put their names on an officia government list of smokers.

So, tomorrow, is the Election Day in Netherlands! The campaigners are calling the marijuana-smokers voters to support political parties that will drop the "Weed Pass". The online campaign "Vote2Smoke.NL" gives the advice to all voters, which basically says "Voting for any political party on a Left is Good,  and any party on a Right is Bad".

Currently, the Weed Pass, simply pushes drug sellers onto the streets and out of the coffee shops where the sales were legit and controlled by the government.

Also to support the parties who is willing to dump the Weed Pass you can buy a T-Shirt with modified Uncle Sam Slogan "Vote against the Weed Pass on Sept. 12" on the streets on Netherlands.

However, its hard to say which political party will win this election, since the Cannabis smoking percentage of the country is just 9 percent (about 1.5 million people), but maybe those who doesn't smoke will decide to support them no to ruin the economy completely.


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