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Weed Like To Welcome You

Weed CaliforniaWell, first of all it always does, but, today, we are going to talk about different kind of weed.

Little town, located in Siskiyou County, just of the South California-Oregon boarder and about 3 hours drive from Sacramento CA. The town was named after the local lumber mill Abner Weed, who discovered back in 1897 that the strong winds in that area were really good for drying lumber.

How wonderful it would be to say "I'm coming from Weed" or "I was born in town of Weed".


Weed Like To Welcome YouRecently, Weed town made it on a news, after a kid wore a sweatshirt "I Weed" to school. Apparently, parents bought some gifts and the sweatshirt "I Weed"  for their son while driving thru the little town of Weed. School officials said they don't care that it came from Weed Town and not from a Weed Plant - it is inappropriate and violating the school dress code.

Just like that, Weed Town became kind of famouse!

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