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Weed Left Overs At Santa Cruz Beach

It has been a week after Santa Cruz's Sheriff press released the news about 80 pounds of weed left overs from a wrecked selling boat, that was found on the beach at Santa Cruz. However there is no news updates on this situation.

Just to remind, last Monday, one of the surfers made a call to report a turned over white boat on the Four Mile Beach, a very popular surf beach in Cali. After the Cal Fire and State Park Rangers arrived to the location, they found out that an outboard motor broke off the boat, and the boat was left in a sand on the beach. Along with the boat, 80 pounds of weed were found near it. 4 packages, 20 pounds each, with street value of $96.000

As Local Sheriff reported, the weed that they found wasn't too good, compare to what they usually have to deal with in Santa Cruz Area, and also they suspect that it was around hundred pounds of pot on that boat, that was coming from Mexico.

The Cali Highway Patrol, Homeland Security and U.S Coast Guard were involved in search of the smugglers or any suspects, however couldn't discover anyone. Until now now suspects found..

At least happy surfers got to enjoy the beautiful view of the swimming pot and hard work of the local police officers.

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