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Weed Not Greed CIN Cross the Country Tour

This summer 2012 you have unique chance to join Cannabis Information Network (CIN) across the country tour and put Your word into Cannabis History.

The Weed Not Greed Tour, with an energized and educational campaign to inspire American citizens to take back their right to benefit from magic cannabis plant, will hit the road this summer. It will start it's way in California with multiply stops across the country and culminating in the heart of Washington, DC.

David Kowalsky, founder of CIN, and also an organizer of the tour, said it's a peaceful tour and all they want it;s just to hear what Americans have to say about Cannabis Prohibition. He truly believes that it's time for people to be heard. They want to bring their voice to Washington and prove that it's People's time to make their own decisions about their own health and happiness. "

Anyone can join this tour and be a part of something big. Just simply visit

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