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Welcome Medical Marijuana in Illinois!

We welcome Medical Marijuana in our beautiful state Illinois and Congratulate all those, who is in need of it!

It still might take a while till Medical Marijuana treatment will be available for patients, but at least the bill has been signed by the Governor and Illinois Medical Marijuana program is on it's way.

The officials say that the program will kick-off in the beginning of the January, 2014. Its gonna be a 4-year Illinois Medical Marijuana program trial, during which 60 licensed dispensaries will be opened to the patients with 42 eligible conditions, including Cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS. The Illinois Medical Marijuana patients will be able to buy up to 2.5 ounce of cannabis, but unfortunately will be not allowed to grow their own medical pot for their treatment.  

Illinois became 20th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana, that brings us to a wonderful conclusion that 20 States of the US and District of Columbia have legalized Marijuana As Medicine.

Once again Congrats to All patients, who lives in Illinois and in need of Medical Marijuana treatment

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