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What's Going On On July 4th?

Joint PinataWhat's going on in your life on July 4th this year? Barbeque? Beach? Fireworks? The regular scenario of the Holiday; However, you have a chance to be non-ordinary this year and instead of drinking beer and grilling out, you can attend on of the following cannabis-related events.

So, what's going on on July 4th this year:

1. South Park Music Festival.

Where: American Safari Ranch, 3100 County Rd. 7, Fairplay, Colorado, 80440;

When: July 4th, Starts at 10 am;

What: South Park Music and Camping Fest, celebrating independence, music, art and the legal cannabis.

2. CannaBus

Where: Denver, Colorado;

When: July 4th, 10am;

What: Mobile Marijuana Club & Venue offers the CannaBus Party Trip.

3. Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Advocates

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada;

When: July 4t, 5pm

What: The 547 Medical Cannabis Advocates meet up at the First Friday at 1st and Main by the Food Trucks.

Note: New Members Must Be Approved By Organizers.

4. Pot Pinata at The Speak Easy Vape Lounge

Where: Colorado Springs, CO;

When: July 4th

What: July 4th party with free pot, medicated candies and some hash in Marijuana Pinata.

There are other interesting activities all over the country, so don't be boring, find something different to do this July 4th!



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