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What to do when you high?

Games! This is the best way to entertain yourself and your friends after smoke. It will make you laugh like crazy or forget who you are and what you are doing. Here is some games that you can play with your friends when you high:

  • Stone Faces

Choose the host, which starts to make funny faces every way he/she can just think of. At the same time all the others trying to keep serious faces. The first who laughs take the host position. It's imposible not to laugh!

  • Alphabet

There are two or more people playing, then more then funnier it gets. Everyone have to call letters in an alphabetic one by one. If somebody makes a mistake everything starts from the begining. The maximum that you will rich is letter "N". Try, its really stone game.

  • Who is it?

To play this game its better to have at least 5 people with you. Pick one person, let's cal him "A" goes to the other room, while you explain the rules to the crew. The person "A" have to guess who is the person just by asking questions like the age of the person, color of the eyes, hair, skin etc. The crew answers the question one by one, the trick in this game that the crew doesn't choose the specifi cperson and all the answers based on a person who sits on a left side from them. The person "A" gets really confused. It's really funny to watch how person "A" makes a smart face like he knows who is the choosen person. The game continues till the person "A" gets frustrated about the game or till the moment when everyone LMFAO.

  • Show me!

Pick two people out of your group. One of them have to think of something, the other one have to show it. The rest of you have to guess what it is. When somebody guess what it is, he/she gets to perform. When you high you think of such a crazy things that most of the time iits so much fun to show it and guessing what it is.

  • My grandmo is sick:(

Everyone gets in lane, first the host the rest next to him. The host say "My grandmo is sick!", the person next to him have to say "What is she sick with?", then both phrases repeats by everyone who is in lane one by one. When it gets back to the host he says the same phrase "My grandmo is sick" and rase his hand (kind of like Hitler sign), and once again the phrases "What is she sick with?" and "My grandmo is sick" goes one by one and everyone rase their hand. The third round goes the same way but this time host sits down on his knees, when the phrase hits the last person the host pushes everyone. No one expects it, because till this point they have no clue what is this game all about, so everyone fells down. Usually after that all group is cracking out rolling on a floor.

  • Fire keeper

One person starts the game, he lights his lighter, then everyone pass the fire. That's how it works. One light the lighter, next one press the gas on his lighter and catch the fire from the previous lighter. When the second person lights his lighter the first one turnes his off. Somebody will defenetly scre it up, either will turn off the lighter too earlier or will forget to turn it off at all. Who mest up leaves the game. The last one is a winner. Its really hard to keep up with this game if you stoned.

  • Sloop

One by one everyone who is in a room start sayinng word "Sloop", till somebody starts laughing. If someone does then the next round everyone says "sloop, sloop",  and once again till someone laughs or mest up the words. Usually the gaame doesnt go fathe rthen six words "sloop", either everyone gets tired or laughs like crazy.

  • Guess?

Make somebody to think of a number from 2 to 9. Then multiply that number on 9, then plus the first and the second numbers that they got from the double number, and from what they got do minus 5. At the end they will get number 4 (just pretend that you dont know what number they got). Then tell them to find a letter in an alphabet that has the same count as the number that they got (Letter "D" is number 4 in alphabet). Then they have to think about the Country that starts with this letter (mostly like they will say Danmark ). And then tell them to think about animal that lives in that country and starts with the 7th letter in a country name (7th letter is K, and mostly like they will say Kangaroo). When they finish thinking about it Proudly announce "Are you crazy?! There is no Kangaroos in Danmark!"

Your friend will be shocked and all he/she will be able to say is WTF?

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