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Do you have a drug test coming up at work, but unfortunately for you, the night before you had a party with Mary Jane? No problem! There are a lot of things you can do to pass the test.

First of all, try to exercise. Exercising helps to release the sweat, which gets the THC out of the system. Second of all, drink a lot of water! Don't over do it, nothing is good in large amount. Third of all you can buy different liquids and pills that remove THC from the system in 24 hours.

Whizzinator KitThe last trick is - bring a clean pee.. How? Simple, with help of the whizzinator! This trick will work only for guys though. Whizzinator is a kit that will help you cheat on your drug test. Whizzinator comes with dry urine, heating packs, syringe and a fake penis. Whizzinator kit also includes the manual, that explains how this thing works. It doesn't matter what's your skin color, whizzinator got it all - white, tan, latino, brown and black.

The negative side of whizzinator - it's expensive! You can purchase it online anywhere from $129-$169. Also, not everyone will be able to wear the whizzinator and be comfortable with it. Which means some of you can fail. If you still decided to go with it for your drug test, don't forget to practice few times at home.



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