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Who is next to legalize pot?

So Colorado and Washington States are on and people are free to enjoy their green great without being scared of the penalties. The question now is - Who is next?

Following all the debates and doing closer research we think the next states to legalize Marijuana are:

1. Oregon

You will ask why? - well, the answer is simple. First of all Oregon is a neighbour to Legal Marijuana State-Washington. Which will make people who lives in Portland, Oregon go to Washington to purchase their weed legally, by that Washington will be getting rich on "sin tax" mone. So Oregon lawmakers will probably review their decision on Marijuana legalization ballot, which we should remind failed in 2012 by 54-46, just because of poor organization that couldn't catch the attention of billioneir bakers.

2. California

Why?- the first state that brought up a Medical marijuana legalizarion revolution in 1996 that's has reached 18 states and the District of Columbia! The state where every second person uses medical cannabis on a daily bases. And yes, the Proposition 19 has failed in 2011 by 53-47, but it's just because a lot of people got confused within short period of time and while they were thinking, ttiene e was lost.

First, the US Attoreny General announced that Obama Administration would enforce federal drug law against people who use, sell or distribute marijuana.

 Second, legislation about punishment for possession of one ounce of marijuana became more relaxing, signed by Cali Governer.

Third, the demographics for marijauan legalization was just not right that year, people were worried more about economy, thinking about how not to loose their jobs, houses, etc. Proposition 19 was not the priority.

But pretty soon that all can change, especially the tax from marijuana sales that can make a fortune for the State economy.

3. Nevada

Well, when we are talking about Nevada, we know that this State goes against everything and anybody. Gambling, prostitution, there is nothing impossible for that state. So if something making money, Nevada has to have it- marijuana is one of those things. It's just the matter of when..

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