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Your Grandmother's Guide To Pot

NYGuide "Your Grandmther's Guide To Pot"

Your Grandmother's Guide To PotThe more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the more attention cannabis gets.  Publicity gets so big that Canabis makes it to the New York magazine not for the first time.

After almost 80-years of prohibition, people all over the country think, wonder and trying to explore about cannabis. To clear up some smoke in the air, New York Guide magazine published an article, named "Your Grandmother's Guide To Pot", where they talk about legalization of cannabis and the achievements of the Canabis industry, laws and other imporant information. They even came out with their own "guide" to pot. 

The "Grandmother's Guide To Pot" includes such topics as:

  • terminology;
  • where to buy Legaly;
  • how to buy from a dealer;
  • cookbook;
  • pot gadgets;
  • methods of intaking;
  • variety of strains and other helpfull information. 

The "guide" is published online and abaialble for public view. To read "Grandmother's GuideTo Pot" visit NYGuide magazine website.

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