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Double Frit Glass Pipe

We are please to introduce our new collection of Double Frit Glass Pipes. Large selection of colors, handcrafted pieces, heavy duty quality pipes.

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Spiral Glass Pipe New Collection 2021

New exciting colorful spiral glass pipes. Glass pipes inventory 2021.

Double split end of glass pipe twisted around to create  longer lasting inhaling process. Lots of colors and wonderful design.

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Glass One-Hitters

New and exciting glass one hitters with colorful GOG spiral snakes.

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Water Pipes Sale

Enjoy Water Pipes Sale Until December 31, 2020.

All waterpipes are %50 Off original price. No coupon needed, discount already included in the final price.

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New 4.5" Glass Smoke Pipes

New Inventory of 4.5" Colorful Glass Smoke Pipes. Large selection of new smoke bowls.

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6" Glass Pipes Inventory Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak of our newly arrived 6" smoke pies that will be available for purchase on our website shortly.

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New Inventory at Smoke Pipe Shop

Sneak-peak of our new inventory that just arrived at SmokePipeShop. Stay tuned.

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New Starter Kit

New starter kit for beginners or just people who loves a lot of items at one price. Check out our new video to see whats icluded.

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Animal Dome Waterpipes Review

Please enjoy our "Review" video on Animal Dome Waterpipes.

Available for purchase at

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Save on Pipes with COVID

The last couple of months have been rough for everyone. We want to support our customers and show our appreciation and give out promotional code to save 50% on your order.

Coupon code  valid 05/17/2020-12/31/2020. Mo minimum purchase required. Discount does not include shipping. Any item can be purchased with discount code.

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Work Schedule During COVID-19

Smoke Pipe Shop remains open during COVID-19 and the orders shipped daily!

To keep our customers happy during this hard times and make them feel better, Smoke Pipe Shop Team came to a decision to keep working and ship All the orders within 1-2 days.

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Coronovirus in Cannabis World

Coronavirus, that was detected in China in December 2019 now effecting the whole world. Large attraction parks are shutting down, huge events are getting canceled or postponed, tourism and businesses are slowing down. Cannabis world is not an exception.

Three large Cannabis industry conferences/expo have been canceled due to the virus outbreak:

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No More Cannabis Smell In Your Car

Driving a lot with cannabis in you car but don't wont to be searched if stopped by a cop? Well, now there is a solution!

According to recent experimental studies, performed by Avery N. Gilbert, founder of Headspace Sensory LLC & Joseph A DiVerdi, Chemistry Colorado State University, if you pack your cannabis in double vacuumed sealed plastic bag - no smell can be detected from cannabis by a human nose.

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Cool Sneak-a-Tokes

Cool Sneak-a-Toke Pipes Review. Available fro purchase at

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Classic Sneak-a-Tokes Review

Find a huge variety selection of classic sneak-a-tokes on our website.

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Legal Cannabis Sale & Use in Illinois

Cannabis Amnesty Box In O'Hare Airport

On May 31.2019, "Recreational Cannabis sale and use" bill has passed in Illinois State, after what, it was successfully signed by the governor on June 25, 2019.

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How To Clean Glass Pipe - Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial on How To Clean Glass Pipe Using 420 Cleaning Solution and Bristle

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Glass Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaners and Pipe Cleaning Solutions.

420 Pipe Cleaning Solution, Randy's soft bristle pipe cleaner, Randy,s hard bristle pipe cleaner - everything for sale at Smoke Pipe Shop

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Introducing Smoke Pipe Shop


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Vaporizers Ban

States that Ban Vapes

Glass pipes, metal pipes and accessories are always in style, meanwhile states such as Michigan, Rhode Island, New York, Oregon, Montana and Washington temporary Ban Vaporizers from smoke shops and dispensaries. Just a few months ago, the federal centers for Disease Control linked vapes to pulmonary injuries that has resulted thousands of hospitalizations. Since that States authorities took precautions and temporally banned vapes from sale at smoke pipe shops and medical dispensaries.

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We Are Open and Fully Operational to Serve You During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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